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Workshop 3

1. Recap: Ideas for Creative Outputs

2. Feedback: Your Boredom 'Diaries'

3. Reflect: Thoughts on Boredom (Now)

4. Respond: Your Contribution

5. Task for next Workshop

Workshop 3: About Us


Over the last two weeks, you should have been documenting or reflecting on your experiences of boredom

  • How did you find the exercise? (was it hard using social media in this way?) 

  • Can you describe the types of things you posted?

  • Did you learn anything about yourself?

Workshop 3: Quote


How do you think you’ve been coping with boredom during the COVID-19 pandemic?


Look at and reflect on these two padlets now that you have had more time to think about boredom.


Update them in light of your experiences and thoughts over the past two weeks.

Workshop 3: Quote


How would you creatively represent your experiences of boredom?



How would you creatively reflect on the COVID-boredom you’ve seen on social media?

  • What is your creative outlet? Or would you like to challenge yourself and try something new?

  • How did you document/reflect on your boredom over the last two weeks?

  • Here is Sammy's mind map for inspiration. 

Using pen and paper, start planning your own contribution.

Workshop 3: Quote
Workshop 3: Gallery
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